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Your fast track guide: How to get into wide format digital print

There’s never been a better time to get into wide format. Find new markets, new opportunities and new revenue streams for your business. Get hold of the free 'How to' guide today.

Getting into wide format digital print is easy

The global market for wide format digital ink-jet printing is estimated to be worth a staggering $80bn per year, and yet commercial printers occupy less than 5% of this sector*.

This is somewhat surprising considering there are very few barriers to entry; a commercial printer producing wide format prints is really no different to producing any other form of colour printing except that the finished product is generally considerably larger – as indeed are the potential profit margins.

Why send your customers anywhere else?

Why should you get into wide format printing?

You already have the customers. Every business you deal with is a potential customer for the vast range of new print products and services that you could offer.

  • You already have the knowledge and skills.
  • You’ll be able to produce much more than you think.
  • You’ll make more profit.
  • You’ll rapidly recover your investment.
  • You’ll win customer loyalty and new business.
  • You’ll grow your business.
  • You’ll retain control.

WorkflowIntegrate it effortlessly.

Adding wide format production to your existing print service offering is simple, and can be incorporated easily into your workflow. Colour accuracy across all materials will match your other printed output for consistency. Production will integrate into your existing set-up and will need little more than an electricity supply because you already know how to work with colour and how to print.

Sample Applications

All you need to know about selecting a wide format printer

Once you’ve made the decision to enter the wide format market you’ll need a solid, reliable printer that can do it all, that has the versatility to work with a wide range of materials, and deliver small short-run jobs through to big banners and graphics.


OutputOutput - you'll want a wide format printer that can produce for both indoors and outdoors.

ConnectivityConnectivity - you will need a printer known for dependability and which requires minimal intervention.

FootprintFootprint -you’ll need to consider whether your wide format machine will fit in your premises.

OutputSupport - you'll need to be confident that the manufacturer offers a quality after-care service.

ConnectivitySoftware - you’ll need a RIP that understands wide format printing and your colour management.

FootprintTraining - you'll need to consider what training and support your supplier will offer you.

Who buys wide format print?

It’s a practical certainty that many of your existing customers already do buy wide format digital print. But where are they going for it and what other printing services are they being offered while they’re looking?

Why send your customers anywhere else?

How to sell wide format print

The very fact you service the commercial print market creates numerous opportunities for you to sell wide format output too. Many of your existing customers are already buying it but probably from somewhere else, so start with them. As your experience grows, you’ll make wide format a powerful differentiator in your business and you’ll expand the range of output that you can offer.

Why you should partner with Roland

Roland DG is at the top of the tree for wide format printing, manufacturing high quality and reliable solutions with strong build quality and durability that your business can depend upon and trust. With more than 100,000 hardworking installations behind us, we’ve helped businesses of all shapes and sizes to get into wide format and succeed. This is simply because we know our business and we greatly value yours.

Roland - the only name you need to know

Contact us now to arrange a personal presentation of our products and services and discover for yourself how wide format from Roland can put profitable growth at the heart of your commercial print business.


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