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VersaUV LEC-330 UV Printer Cutter

Wide format UV Printers and flatbed UV - VersaUV

Roland DG's award winning wide format UV printing technology, VersaUV®, will open your print business to a world of creative new printing opportunities with vibrant CMYK, high opacity White, plus Clear for spectacular special effects.

Wide format UV Printers and flatbed UV - VersaUV

Roland DG's award winning wide format UV printing technology, VersaUV®, will open your print business to a world of creative new printing opportunities with vibrant CMYK, high opacity White, plus Clear for spectacular special effects.

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  • VersaUV LEC-330 UV Printer Cutter

    Packaging PrototypesImagine producing one-off packaging prototypes and short-run labels on a vast array of substrates, including metallic and synthetic papers, foils, BOPP, PE and PET film, even leather and fabrics.

    Roland’s DPI award-winning VersaUV LEC series is the world’s first UV inkjet printer/cutter line using safe, low-heat LED lamps. VersaUV prints CMYK + White + Clear for unmatched colour, texture and dimension. Clear coat adds remarkably rich special effects ranging from high-gloss finish for area highlights to custom-textured effects such as faux leather and crocodile skin. Roland ECO-UV inks produce graphics that are easy to handle and can be stretched across both curved surfaces and sharp edges without cracking.

    The LEC-330 offers faster production printing up to 9.38 sq m./hr. and higher image quality up to 1440x1440 dpi, making it ideally suited for short-run production of labels and specialty graphics – as well as prototyping applications. The VersaUV LEC-330 can also be configured in your choice of three ink combinations. The LEC-330’s Intelligent Ink Circulation System optimises ink usage and minimises waste and an optimised hood design ensures compatibility with semi-rigid substrates including card stocks and polycarbonates.

    Feature Summary

    • 30” UV inkjet printer/cutter
    • Environmentally friendly ECO-UV inks
    • Layered Clear produces unique textures and finishes
    • Supports hundreds of media options
    • Safe, long lasting and energy efficient LED Lamps
    • Intelligent Ink Circulation System prevents white ink from settling

    Versatile Production Tool

    LEC samples

    CMYK + White + Clear + Contour Cutting - Across an unprecedented range of substrates, the LEC-330 prints CMYK + White + Clear Coat and contour cuts for unmatched versatility. The LEC-330’s White ECO-UV ink creates crisp, flawless graphics and text and can be used as an undercoat to enhance the brightness of four-colour prints. ECO-UV Clear Coat adds remarkably rich special effects ranging from high-gloss finishes for area highlights to custom-textured effects such as faux leather, crocodile skin and even Braille. Contour cutting produces graphics of virtually any size and shape.

    Your Choice of Substrates - The VersaUV LEC-330 prints on paper including metallic surfaces for labels, decals, POP displays and posters. You can also use the LEC-330 to create original patterns and 3D domed corporate logos directly onto synthetic and natural leathers. Customize window coverings, tapestries and other interior décor items. VersaUV also supports printing on foils, BOPP, PE, PET film, offset printing paper stock and more.

    Ideal Pre-Press Device - The LEC-330 is a very capable pre-press and proofing device that can save commercial printers the many costs associated with press downtime. In fact, each time a shop has to take a flexo or gravure press offline to print a proof or prototype, significant productivity and profits are lost. Flexo printing even a single proof or comp requires creating plates, adding labour and material costs to the job. The LEC-330 eliminates these issues for businesses and allows them to keep larger presses online for production.

    Perfect for Short Run Production - With VersaUV, you can eliminate outsourcing for short production runs as well. In small quantities, you can easily produce truly unique, customized graphics and wraps of virtually any shape, size and texture. Production is easy. With VersaUV, there are no plates or film to produce. Simply design on your personal computer, send your file to the printer, and VersaUV does the rest, printing and digitally die-cutting your finished print quickly and easily.

    One-Off Packaging Prototypes - With all of the packaging options available today, creating accurate proofs and prototypes has become more challenging than ever. Whether it’s a box, bag, label or shrink film, the VersaUV prints vibrant CMYK plus White plus Clear Coat. It also automatically contour cuts or creases virtually any shape or dieline with absolute precision.

    Membrane Panels - With the VersaUV, you can print a single membrane panel or several. The LEC accommodates reverse printing White ink then printing CMYK+ Clear Coat on polycarbonate stocks without the need to create screens for each color.

    Integrated Print/Cut Feature

    Print & Cut

    The LEC series streamlines the production process by automatically contour cutting printed graphics. By eliminating the need to reload and reposition graphics, the LEC integrated cutter saves valuable time and effort. The LEC can contour cut through the top layer of lined media or create a perforated cut on non-lined media (like card stock for packaging prototypes). By switching out the cutting tool, the LEC can also crease your media for truly realistic package prototypes.

    LEC-330 Production Print Speeds

    Equipped with six high-precision print heads, the LEC-330 delivers a maximum print speed of 9.38 sq m./hr. in High Speed mode. Each print mode has been meticulously finetuned for the head configuration to deliver optimized performance and superior print quality. The 1440x1440 dpi mode rivals the performance of multi-million dollar high-end presses, producing flawlessly smooth gradations, super fine details and sharp text. Roland Intelligent Pass Control™ ensures consistent print quality with virtually no signs of banding in all print modes.


    Unsurpassed Media Compatibility

    ECO-UV ink adheres to a wide range of treated and untreated substrates with exceptional colour gamut. Instant-drying and flexible, ECO-UV ink produces prints that require no degassing and can be stretched and applied around curved surfaces and edges without cracking.

    The low heat UV LED lamps allow printing on heat-sensitive media such as shrink wrap, pressure sensitive media and paper stocks with no risk of damaging the substrate. You can also use the VersaUV to create original patterns and 3D domed corporate logos directly onto synthetic and natural leathers and to customize window coverings, tapestries and other interior décor items. VersaUV supports printing on foils, BOPP, PE, PET film, offset printing stock and more.

    The LEC-330 supports a straight media path with a redesigned ventilation hood that enables printing on semi-rigid sheet stocks such as card stocks for folding cartons and thicker polycarbonate sheets for membrane switch applications.

    Environmentally Friendly ECO-UV Ink

    Across an unprecedented range of substrates, the LEC series come with ECO-UV inks in CMYK + White + Clear. In addition, the LEC-330 can be configured with any of these three ink combinations:

    • CMYK + White + Clear
    • CMYK + White + White
    • CMYK + Clear + Clear

    As the most versatile ink configuration, CMYK + White + Clear can be used for a wide range of applications including packaging prototypes, labels, high end press-proofs and unique textured graphics.

    The CMYK + White + White mode (LEC-330) achieves higher opacity without slowing down the printing with overprinting, perfect for white text and graphics, undercoats and to enhance the brightness of four-color prints. The white produced with this ink configuration can be up to 1.5 times more opaque than the normal white, all without requiring a complicated workflow or overprinting.

    ECO-UV inkECO-UV Clear adds remarkably rich special effects ranging from high-gloss finishes for area highlights to custom-textured effects such as faux leather, crocodile skin and even Braille. The CMYK + Clear + Clear mode (LEC-330) can build up three-dimensional textures twice as fast as the normal ink mode and can produce more dramatic effects with bigger reliefs.

    ECO-UV ink shines for indoor graphics, offering superior scratch and chemical resistance. Outdoors, ECO-UV ink lasts up to two years when Clear is applied as a finish and up to six months without Clear. Packaged in no-mess 220ml cartridges, ECO-UV ink is VOC-free and safe after curing. With ECO-UV ink, proper ventilation is recommended. The LEC series is ventilation-ready, featuring a ventilation hood for easy connection with an air filtration system.

    Automated Ink Circulation System

    The Intelligent Ink Circulation System circulates the white and clear inks in LEC-330 models every eight hours to prevent the settling of pigments in the lines. In addition, this system controls the discharge of white ink and minimizes waste by monitoring the white ink usage and the types of jobs that are printed.

    By preventing unnecessary discharges and minimizing the amount of ink that is subject to settling, this automated system reduces significantly the ink waste and eliminates the need for daily and bi-weekly Ink Renewal cycles. In fact, internal tests show that the LEC-330 discharges 60% to 90% less ink than the LEC-330, for significantly lower operating costs and improved yield of white and clear cartridges.

    Note - the white ink cartridge still needs to be shaken prior to use each day as the ink in the cartridge is not circulated by this system.

    Advanced LED UV Lamps

    Longer Life - VersaUV LED lamps last up to 10,000 hours which is ten times longer than conventional UV lamps.

    Low Heat - While conventional UV lamps can reach temperatures as high as 800°C (1500°F) requiring complex heat management systems, the LED lamps on the LEC series generate very little heat. This ensures that the UV lamps virtually eliminate any heat-related risks such as substrate damage and head crash caused by media deformation.

    Instant On/Off - LED lamps can be turned on and off instantly and are ready to use immediately after the printer is turned on. By contrast, conventional curing systems may take up to ten minutes to reach the targeted output level. Conventional curing systems also require complex, noisy and failure-prone shutter systems to protect substrates and head capping systems from exposure to UV light and heat.


    Optional Extraction Unit

    An optional extraction unit is available for the VersaUV series models. It contains an activated carbon filter which effectively removes the odor and volatile substances that occur during printing. It is effective in making your work environment comfortable when the VersaUV is operating.

    BOFA printPro

    Three-Year Extended Warranty

    3 Year WarrantyThere's no question that Roland inkjets combine unbeatable performance with legendary Roland reliability. As further proof of their unmatched reliability, Roland is pleased to offer an unprecedented Three-Year Heads and all Warranty on the VersaUV LEC-540. All that's required for this bonus is return of the registration card with installation information within 30 days of your purchase and confirmation* that Roland inks are running in the machine.


    State of the Art Curing System

    The staggered arrangement of UV lamps, with the left lamp mounted in line with the print heads and the right lamp mounted forward, is another Roland innovation.

    This first-of-its-kind configuration enables a choice of gloss or matte Clear finishes. When gloss finish is selected, only the right lamp is used for curing, allowing enough time for Clear droplets to spread and form a smooth surface which reflects light evenly. For matte finish, both lamps are used, curing the Clear droplets shortly after they land on the media to form a rough surface which scatters the light.

    Advanced Media Take-Up System

    The LEC-540 includes an automated media take-up system to facilitate precision unattended printing. This pre-assembled unit includes an advanced tension-controlled take-up system for optimum media feed and tracking.


    VersaWorks® RIP Software


    VersaWorks® RIP software has been developed exclusively for Roland inkjet printers and printer/cutters. This RIP ensures exceptional production output with unmatched ease of use.

    VersaWorks® supports the Roland Color system which accurately reproduces more than 1,000 spot colors from color charts and swatch books. For the VersaUV LEC series, VersaWorks® also includes the Roland Texture Library featuring 70 ready-to-use textures that can be applied to designs by layering the LEC’s clear coat ink. For white ink applications, you can select from either single pass or dual pass modes. In addition, VersaWorks® features Variable Data Printing and supports up to four Roland devices simultaneously including printers, printer/cutters and cutters. It automatically estimates the ink usage and print time for each graphic so you can accurately monitor time and costs.

    VersaWorks® features include embedded ICC profile support, ink level adjustment tools, software proofing capabilities, error diffusion for outstanding print quality and advanced cropping, tiling and nesting options. Support for Roland cutters allows you to pair a Roland cutter with any wide-format or desktop printer for print/cut applications. The PerfCut function produces precision perforated cut lines. VersaWorks® 4.0 is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.

    Roland OnSupport Production Assistance

    OnSupportThe LEC-330 features Roland OnSupport, an online customer support system allowing users to remotely track the status of LEC activities. The system sends e-mails to users notifying them of important information such as when a job is completed and when ink is running low. With Roland OnSupport, users can also quickly download firmware updates and important product information by accessing an exclusive website with just one mouse click.

    Roland Intelligent Pass Control

    Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology developed by Roland software engineers represents the pinnacle of inkjet printing. This patent-pending system precisely controls dot placement between passes and delivers unprecedented imaging performance in all resolutions. The technology actually enhances image quality at higher print speeds thereby increasing productivity. As a result, the LEC-330 produces smooth gradations and flawless solid colors while achieving faster throughput with virtually no banding in all print modes.


    Environmental Certifications

    LEC-330 requires only 370W of power – a fraction of the power required by conventional UV printers. Accordingly, the LEC series can be operated on a standard electrical outlet without an additional power supply. The LEC series automatically enters a low power mode when it is not used for an extended period of time. This low power design automatically saves thousands of dollars in electric bills each year and reduces considerably the emission of green house gases.

    In addition, the LEC uses a light source that is completely ozone free and emits light in the range called Near-UV of the UV spectrum, making it a safe alternative to conventional UV lamps. The LEC series carries Roland’s Eco-Label for environmental compliance.

    Standard Roland Features

    Network Connection - Equipped with Roland’s own 100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T interface, the LEC-330 connects seamlessly to office networks without additional software, achieving an increased data transmission rate of 100 Mb/sec. This makes it easy to configure a highly efficient printing environment.

    Reliability You Can Count On - The LEC-330 is designed to be a bulletproof production machine. With regular maintenance, it will provide years of trouble-free service. But, unlike most inkjets that require daily maintenance, the LEC-330 requires significantly less servicing.

    Quality Assurance - Roland’s international ISO certification is your quality assurance. We build reliable, high-performance products and back them up with first-rate customer service and a wide variety of supplies and accessories.

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    MODEL LEC-330
    Printing method / Cutting method Piezoelectric inkjet / Grit roller feed
    Acceptable media Width 182 to 762 mm (7.2 to 30 in.)
    Thickness Printing: Maximum 1.0 mm (39 mil) with liner
    Cutting: Maximum 0.4 mm (16 mil) with liner and 0.22mm (9 mil) without liner
    Roll outer diameter Maximum 180 mm (7.1 in)
    Roll weight Maximum 20 kg (44 lb.)
    Core diameter 50.8mm (2 in.) or 76.2mm (3 in.)
    Printing/cutting width Maximum 736 mm (29 in.)
    Ink cartridges Type Roland ECO-UV INK
    Capacity 220 ml (± 5 ml)
    Colours 5 colours + Clear coat (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Clear coat)
    Ink curing unit Built-in ultraviolet-light emitter (UV-LED Lamp)
    Printing resolutions 360x720 dpi, 720x720 dpi, 720x1440 dpi, 1440x1440 dpi
    Acceptable blade tool Roland CAMM-1 series cutter blade.
    Cutting speed 10 mm/s (0.4in.) to 600 mm/s (23.6 in./s) (10 mm/s to 295mm/s in media feed direction)
    Blade force 30 to 300gf
    Blade offset compensation 0.000 to 1.500 mm (0 to 0.0591 in)
    Software resolution (when cutting) 0.025 mm/step (0.000984 in/step)
    Distance accuracy (when printing) Error of less than ± 0.3 % of distance travelled, or ± 0.3mm (0.012 in), whichever is greater.
    Distance accuracy (When cutting) Error of less than ± 0.4% of distance travelled, or ± 0.3 mm (0.012 in), whichever is greater. When distance correction ([CUTTING MENU] -[CALIBRATION]) has been preformed: error of less than ± 0.2 % of distance travelled, or ± 0.1mm (0.004 in), whichever is greater.
    Repetition accuracy (When cutting) ± 0.1mm (0.004 in) or less
    Alignment accuracy for printing and cutting ± 0.5mm (0.020 in) or less
    Alignment accuracy for printing and cutting when reloading media Error of less than ± 0.5% of distance travelled, or ± 3mm (0.012 in), whichever is greater
    Media take-up system Roll outer diameter Maximum 180 mm (7.1 in)
    Roll weight Maximum 20 kg (44 lb)
    Interface Ethernet (10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX, automatic switching)
    Power-saving function Automatic sleep feature
    Power supply Voltage and frequency AC 100 to 240 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
    Required power capacity Maximum 4.2 A
    Power consumption During operation Maximum 370W
    Sleep mode Approx. 15.3W
    Acoustic noise level During operation 64dB (A) or less
    During standby 40dB (A) or less
    Dimensions (with stand) [6] 2200[W] x 820 [D] x 1260 [H] mm (86.6 [W] x 32.3 [D] x 49.6 [H] in)
    Weight (with stand) 177 kg (390.2 lb.)
    Environment Power on Temperature: 20° to 32°C (68° to 90°F) (22°C [72°F] or more recommended), Humidity: 35 to 80% (no condensation)
    Power off Temperature: 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F), Humidity: 20 to 80% (no condensation)
    Included items Stand, power cord, blade, blade holder (XD-CH2), media clamps, replacement blade for sheet cutter, cleaning kit, Software RIP (Roland VersaWorks), User’s manual, etc.
    Download the LEC-330 brochure.
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