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Roland DG Disaster Support Program


Roland DG would like to extend its thoughts and best wishes to those who have been affected by the recent tropical cyclones and resulting flooding in Queensland and Northern NSW. Roland DG would like to offer assistance and provide the following information on how to best handle your electronic and production equipment in this situation to customers affected. 
  • Water exposure can make equipment dangerous to inspect, test and operate so please use extreme caution in doing so.   
    • Equipment can short out when powered on as the chassis could become 'live' and endanger lives
    • Always get professional advice before attempting to powering on electrical devices if unsure

  • Water damage and the after effects of water damage will impact on a machines ability to operate.  
    • Water can damage production equipment, from gears to bearings, rail assemblies, motors, rollers, electronic circuitry and more.
    • Rust can settle in either immediately or within a short amount of time, this is exacerbated because the water is not 'clean' and can leave residue over components and potentially create electrical shorts.
    • High levels of humidity and moisture can enter your equipment.  This can, like water itself, cause issues outlined above.

  • Power outages and fluctuations can also have a major impact on electrical and electro-mechanical products. Over both the short and long term there are procedures that can assist you when expecting outages that should be implemented, our service people are available to advise specifically for your type of machine/s.

If you require assistance or your business has been affected, please contact us through or call 1-800-500-119. Roland DG will provide assistance at reduced service rates to review damaged or moisture affected Roland equipment and advise condition thereof.
We will endeavour to find additional ways to assist those affected from providing special disaster pricing for replacement products so please contact Roland DG for more details on how we can help get your business back up and running.
The Roland DG Care service team will be calling affected regions from 4th April, and scheduling a visit to these areas as soon as this is possible to lend a hand. Should there be any questions please do not hesitate to contact Roland DG directly for assistance on 1-800-500-119. One of our staff will be more than willing to arrange assistance or offer advice.