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08-Nov-2016 Simplicity is Priceless with Roland Rental Platinum

Sydney, Australia, November 8, 2016 – Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, is pleased to announce the launch of Roland Rental Platinum, a premium package of Roland hardware, genuine Roland inks, extended warranty, servicing and training, all wrapped up in one simple monthly payment.

Expanding upon Roland Rental, the Company’s industry-leading finance program established in 2007, Roland Rental Platinum delivers simplicity and peace of mind to its customers. The success of Roland Rental, with its 95% approval rating and quick finance approval turnaround times, prompted Roland DG, in conjunction with our finance partner, Ecolease, to develop a program with added benefits and savings bundled in.

Marian Taggart-Holland, Director of Ecolease, explains the reasoning behind the development of Roland Rental Platinum: “One thing we notice pretty quickly when speaking with Roland customers is that they are time poor. Many run their own businesses so they spend a substantial amount of time doing day-to-day administration tasks such as ordering inks and processing invoices.”

Roland Rental Platinum offers a great solution for this. “The program helps provide peace of mind by taking away some of the hassle to owning and running Roland equipment and hardware” explains Marian. “That way, Roland customers can get back to doing what they do best: managing and growing their business”.

With no up-front capital investment, interest on hardware only, tax deductable payments, cost savings of up to $10,000 on the life of the product (based on a 5 year agreement), and a simple approval criteria through Ecolease, the benefits of the program quickly add up.

To find out more about Roland Rental Platinum and the benefits it can deliver to your business, visit the web page or contact Roland DG on 1800 500 119.

02-Nov-2016 Roland DG Introduces METAZA MPX-95 Photo Impact Printer

Sydney, Australia, November 2, 2016 – Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of digital fabrication tools including 3D milling machines, 3D printers and engraving machines, today announced the launch of a new photo impact printer, the METAZA MPX-95, and Gift Kit for the personalisation of metal items with photos, logos, names, messages and other decorations.

With its diamond stylus and powerful impact force, the MPX-95 can imprint on a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel, iron, titanium, platinum and softer substrates such as gold, silver, copper, nickel and aluminium at high speed and with pin-sharp accuracy. Possibilities include personalised pens and stationery, smart devices, industrial plates, jewellery and pendants, trophies and awards, watches and belt buckles.

The MPX-95 and Gift Kit were developed especially as a compact solution for kiosks, gift shops, jewellery stores and other outlets selling products on-demand. Greg Stone, Product & Marketing Manager for Roland DG Australia said, “The popularity of customising possessions, wearing unique accessories that stand out, or giving personalised gifts on birthdays or anniversaries is growing. Our photo impact printers have a proven track record for creating stunning, detailed graphics, text and photographs, and are widely used by retailers. As they seek to expand their businesses, we received requests for a model capable of imprinting larger, irregular shaped items that would enable even novices to personalise items accurately. The MPX-95 with Gift Kit was developed to address this growing demand.”

The MPX-95 employs a removable base table and plate allowing it to work with a greater range of items, and includes a laser pointer to assist in identifying the area to be marked. The Gift Kit includes both large and small clamp pins, a standard vice and a movable centre vice to hold items in place while they are being marked. The movable centre vice allows the position of the item to be fine-tuned by aligning it with the laser pointer after it has been clamped. The MPX-95 also comes standard with METAZA Studio software to complete the solution.

27-Oct-2016 Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP Now Supports Additional Roland DG Inkjet Printers

Sydney, Australia, October 27, 2016 – Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters worldwide, today announced that its recently introduced Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP and print management software now supports several additional Roland DG inkjet printers and printer/cutters.

Introduced in late 2015, Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP is currently bundled with the newest Roland DG inkjet printers and printer/cutters, namely the SOLJET EJ-640, TrueVIS VG-640/540 and SG-540/300, and the VersaUV LEF-300. After October 2016, the following additional models will include the latest Roland VersaWorks Dual when they are shipped:
- SOLJET PRO 4 XR-640 
- VersaCAMM VS-300i
- VersaSTUDIO BN-20
- VersaEXPRESS RF-640
- VersaUV LEJ-640, LEC-540/330, LEF-20
- Texart RT-640 (Users can choose ErgoSoft Roland Edition)

Roland VersaWorks Dual builds upon the intuitive, easy-to-use capabilities of Roland VersaWorks to provide high-quality printing while adding enhanced processing and editing functions. Yuko Maeda, division president of Roland DG business development unit notes that Roland VersaWorks Dual enables users to work not only with PostScript® files, but also allows for native processing of PDF files, which have become popular in the field of commercial printing, to ensure transparency effects are processed accurately. In addition, white and clear ink layers can be generated automatically in the RIP, ideal for use in producing transparent window graphics, stickers and personalised accessories with special effects. Features like offset, positioning, rotation and registration of ink layers can be easily configured in the RIP as well, without the need to return to graphic design software.

“Roland DG understands the important role that software plays in printing,” Maeda said. “We have been developing RIP and print management software for many years. A major benefit for Roland customers is that our software is tailored exclusively for Roland DG printers and printer/cutters, and thus optimised to maximise their performance and ease of use. Our proprietary colour management tools and other functions have become important factors in the popularity of Roland products worldwide.”

“Now that Roland VersaWorks Dual supports native PDF processing,” Maeda continued, “we believe our printers provide an even greater level of value for not only the printing of signs and graphics, but for decorating a wide range of original goods and for prototyping applications such as package printing and press proofs. We are committed to developing powerful, world-class RIP software that makes customers’ work even easier, while expanding their potential.”

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